More about HFA

Hinduism believes that God in His infinite wisdom allows humans to approach him in infinite possible ways and via infinite number of possible representatives. Your conviction for the path of your choice is what matters; and your ability to peacefully coexist with other living entities and material nature. 

Hinduism is a no-soul left behind religion. God is loving and caring and will retrieve each and every soul doesn't matter how many births it may take or how many billion or trillion years it may take. Everyone will be back with him and there will be no left behinds. Nobody will burn in hell for eternity although they may suffer the consequences of their actions in a short term.

With 6 aastik Darshana and 6 nastika Darshana, everyone is always following Hinduism irrespective of whether they believe in one God or many gods or no God; whether they believe in science, mother nature or Scientology. To your surprise atheist and non believers are also a part of  Hinduism - they are following Charvaka Muni.  So also the LGBTQ+ community.  Each one of you is recognized as a jati in Hinduism. You are allowed to coexist participate in Hinduism and make spiritual advancement.

It is very unfortunate that over the years humanity have stopped following their own religion called Hinduism or sanatan Dharma. They have deviated a lot. They haven't read their own scriptures; not aware of the deepest philosophy included as part of their eternal scriptures retained by Hindus. 

And then there are establishments that have vested interest in opposing it. They want to prevent people from reading the facts. They want to prevent people from following this benign religion.  They want to keep everyone divided.  They are ignorant of the LGBTQ communities. 

There is one panacea for all these and that is to revive the traditional Hinduism, unite all the communities, all the jaties all the vernas, and dharma - people from all the so-called religions into one umbrella.  With clear understanding that everyone has right to practice what they think is helping them make their personal spiritual progress. There are no non-believers; There are no infidels. Everyone is a believer; everyone believes in something or someone. That is your Hindus for America -  the first step towards achieving that utopian global society.

Hindus for America has an aspiration to create similar branches in each and every nation such that there is an upliftment of Sanatana Dharma as well as help to the local communities of every nation around the globe.

Please request a presentation using the link provided to understand this better and to become a part of this global initiative. 

HFA believes that you and your organization are very likely doing all the right things. You may not have to change anything simply become part of this global initiative so that the humanity moves with a singular vision of creating a Just and equitable society. Instead of moving in silos let's move together. Instead of fixing problems independent of each other let's look at the big picture and fix it together. 

That in the nutshell is Hindus for America.