News Letter

Dear community members, 

We are very excited to present the first newsletter for the Hindus for America (HFA) organization. This new organization was born out of a long-standing need of Indian Hindu Diaspora in America. Although this community has served our adopted nation faithfully and honestly, it has lagged behind in getting equal recognition and respect in return. On the other hand, anti-Hindu sentiments are being propagated. 

Hinduism is still not known to most Americans. In contrast Islam is flourishing fast and has found political supports to nurture and protect it. Some recent bills in the congress have made the situation worseBeing a rival religion in India, members of Islamic community are attacking Hinduism relentlessly, at every opportune moment. 

 Hinduism is the most peaceful religion, and the only one, which preaches “All to live like a family”, while practicing ones’ own belief. Yet the recent movements like “Dismantling Hindutva” and very negative articles in the national newspapers, and several anti-Hindu bills in the congress, are an indication of our limited influence in the American society at large. 

It is an unfortunate fact that most influential mediums in USA and in West, like New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, BBC, and Guardian, are biased due to political and financial influencesSaudi Arabia and Qatar are pouring big money to spread the influence of Islam. In their attempt to obtain these funds, these media have essentially become anti India and anti-Hindu. 

It is not any easy task to counter the negative narratives of these news media giants. At the same time,  we cannot let this go without any action. It will be a long road, yet HFA has decided to start its own news paper. To gain credibility, it will provide clear, truthful and balanced news on all contemporary eventsDue to this longstanding need, it was easy to find, experienced journalists and media team to come onboard and run this newspaper. It will also have insightful editorials and guest columns. Publishing books is also on the horizon. 

HFA is trying to counter the anti-India and anti- Hindu attempts, by helping Hindu candidates, standing for the elected offices. Recently it successfully helped Mr. Steve Rao to win his seat in North Carolina. It is also helping Rushi Kumar and Neil Patel in their election campaigns. We need more of our people in elected offices to make a difference and help USA become what its founding fathers desired – a welcoming country for all immigrants; not just the ones that can fund established news media. 

Another area of concern is that the second generation children are getting away from the Hindu roots. They have no concept or ‘Sanatan Dharma’ and its rich teachings. Unlike the Abrahamic religions, Hindus do not attend temples regularly. Hindus are allowed to worship at home, so most visit the temples at different times. This practice has many advantages, yet has a disadvantage of a lack of opportunity of preaching the masses through sermons. This happens in the churches and mosques on weekly basis. HFA is therefore working to start some schools, where our children can get a holistic education, that will include Hindu teachings.  

The successful Hindu Diaspora in USA has an average earning, which is higher than most other ethnicitiesThere is a great potential of promoting Indian business, to come to USA. This will not only help us get the Indian products in USA, but also help Indian businesses to spread their presence in the US market. This would also help USA source products from a friendly democracy instead of a regional hegemonyHFA is trying to help in this area also. Collaboration discussion is in progress with major suppliers to Walmart and Amazon. 

It is a matter of great satisfaction that in a very short time, since its inception HFA has been able to open 16 chapters in USA and has expanded to four countries. This only shows, that there is a great need for work in these areas, and people are keen to join. HFA is helping Hindus in other countries, to open chapters like, "Hindus for Uganda” and “Hindus for Oman”, etc. This way all these countries can show the contribution of Hindus in their adapted countries. We are working with other organizations to help them launch books of well-known authors like Shantanu Gupta (Monk who changed the Uttar Pradesh, ISBN 978-1942426875) 

Many physicians in USA are Hindu. They have made a very good name for themselves and also made India proud. HFA is seeking their help to organize a virtual health fair, during this pandemic times. In this unique approach, Lab work will be done at the Labcorp service centers followed by virtual consultation. 

We will try to keep you updated with our progress. With heartiest thanks to all volunteers, we will like to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2022, Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri, Maghi, Magh Bihu, Shishur Saenkraat. 


HFA Founders’ Desk